Jean Decay

Jean Decay has been doing drag for 8 years and has performed mostly in Southern California. Her work now focuses mostly on drag history and keeping those legacies alive

Amy Zapata

Amy Zapata is a multidisciplinary artist working in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Mexico. Her work focuses on highlighting under- respresented communities. 


Abe Zapata Jr. He/Him

Abe Zapata Jr. has written and performed for Highways Santa Monica, Houses on the Moon, and his play REBOOT was a part of the 2019 “Son of Semele Quick Creation Festival” and the 2021 Leo Rising Theatre Festival. In June 2019 Abe’s first full length play, Borracho: Spanish for Drunken Bum, went up for the Hollywood Fringe Festival where it won an ensemble cast award. Borracho was remounted in February 2020 where it went on to be nominated for Broadway World’s Regional 2020 Awards Best ensemble. He has taught at Humboldt State University, Art of Acting Studio, Q Youth Foundation, and is the literary manager for Playwrights Arena. 

Yulissa Mendoza

Yulissa Mendoza Is a fashion and portrait photographer. The foundation of their photography stems from their desire to facilitate safe spaces in order for people to be able to express themselves fully and explore themselves further. They use this as their building block in order to amplify voices, empower marginalized communities, and carve space for those often overlooked. They aim to rebuke rigid, old gender roles while honoring cultures and pushing the boundaries of fashion and culture. 

Diana Citaly Quiroz

Diana Citlaly Quiroz is a passionate artist that specializes in digital illustrations. Most of her work centers around the celebration of Black, Brown and Indigenous bodies. Inspired by her LGBTQIA+ community, she evokes the vibrancy and joys of her personal experiences as a Brown Queer Woman — that can be seen through the use of vibrant colors and diverse characters.