Micah Amaro

   Micah Amaro is an artist that focuses a lot on characters and illustration. Mostly creating using digital art but also painting and looking for other mediums to explore. They are inspired by books, music, shows and movies they enjoyed as a child and now. Bright colors, big eyes, Bipoc focused art is what she enjoys making and inspiring others to create what they like unapologetically. 

Jean Decay 

Jean Decay is a Drag Artist that works in the Downtown LA area. They are excited to share their knowledge of Drag History in their hometown of San Bernardino.

Fresa con Crema 

Hello, my name is Nathan Sierra aka “Fresa” I’m a 20-year-old Latinx folklorico dancer from LA. I’ve been dancing folklorico since I was 13 and have been loving it ever since. Folk is one of my favorite things to do, I feel so much passion and joy when I’m just letting loose and performing, whether it’s from the intricate foot work or the beautiful skirt work. 

Joey Flamboyant

Joey Flamboyant has been using makeup as self-expression since high school. Her love of makeup carried over into drag and has been an iconic part of her artistry! The mother of the house of Flamboyant, Joey has had a profound influence over the LA scene, as a performer, makeup artist, and community organizer.  

Drag Performances

Girlie Drag--Rooting from Rialto, Girlie is an artist trying to bridge fashion & performance through a unique lens of peculiarities and latine-cultural upbringing.

Jean Decay-- Jean is a triple threat! Working as a program coordinator, workshop facilitator and giving an amazing performance at the end of the night.